I thought being a weirdo and keeping to myself was a phase of life, turns out it's who i am and i really don't fit in anywhere in this modern day society, a bit anti social you might say but if we find common grounds then we can be best friends lol..if not in the gym or school, i spend my life being depressed in my room listening to music and blogging, i hate going out and i hate night clubs, Tim Burton's art, characters & movies has always been stuff I could relate to ever since a kid. I hope you enjoy my blog, thanks for checking it out and following i really appreciate it :)

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I’ve been waiting so long to find this.

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Her skin is white cloth,
and she’s all sewn apart
and she has many coloured pins
sticking out of her heart.

She has a beautiful set
of hypno-disk eyes,
the ones that she uses
to hypnotise guys.

She has many different zombies
who are deeply in her trance.
She even has a zombie
who was originally from France.

But she knows she has a curse on her,
a curse she cannot win.
For if someone gets
too close to her

the pins stick farther in.


- Voodoo Girl; taken from The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories by Tim Burton (via little-helenaist)

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It’s only the end of April and I’m already excited for Halloween.